Asana Pro Spotter Pad

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$120 (full set), $95 (inner pad only);


This four-in-one pad may have more uses than your Leatherman. At first glance, the Pro Spotter Pad looks like a typical sit-start pad at 36” x 22”, with three inches of sturdy and supportive closed cell foam. Then you notice the handles on the back, designed so the pad can be used for its namesake: a spotter pad that will safely and comfortably push the climber onto stacked pads. Then unzip it to find the innards are actually just one large sheet of foam folded over onto itself to be a quarter of the size. Unfold the large piece of black foam to reveal two sizes: One is 74’’ x 44’’ x .75’’ (great for evening out large areas of pads), and the other is 22’’ x 72’’ x 1.5’’ (covers gaps but also perfect as a sleeping pad). From uneven landings in Rocky Mountain National Park to borderline free-soloing in Bishop, California, the Pro Spotter pad had our testers covered and gave them confidence to send.