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During four-plus months of use, from the limestone tufas of Spain to the urethane of the gym, we put the

Black Diamond Flight

harness ($69.95,

) through its paces, and it came out no worse for the wear. Even sporting it every day of a five-week trip to Spain, followed immediately by another five weeks in the Red River Gorge, didn’t damage this 11-ounce harness in the least. “It was always super comfortable and stylin’,” said our tester, thanks to BD’s new Dual Core XP construction, which distributes pressure without any hotspots. Another nifty technology is trakFIT leg loops, in which a slide adjuster moves along webbing, allowing for adjustability without the threat of improperly threading or the annoyance of excess webbing that just dangles there. Twenty-foot whips proved to be pain-free, but this harness is designed for high-performance sport climbing—don’t take it out for hanging belays or full days on a long route. —

Julie Ellison