Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet Review

Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet Review

Black Diamond Half Dome, $60, 1 pound

Summary: A pioneering hybrid design, the Black Diamond Half Dome offers great overall protection, with a large cap of polystyrene in the interior. The cinching, hook-and-latch adjustment system is a bit dated, however, and doesn’t measure up to the fit delivered by other hybrid models. Ventilation is also an issue: heat — and sweat vapor — like to rise, not go out the sides, which is where the Half Dome’s vents are located. Headlamp compatibility is excellent, with the four simple latches built into the vents, providing solid retention.

Pros: Durable; full coverage; accommodates headlamps well.

Cons: Dated adjustment system; limited ventilation.

Overall grade: B

Black Diamond

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