C.A.M.P. - Belay Device Review

C.A.M.P. - Belay Device Review

Advanced Basecamp Arc, $15 C.A.M.P. Shell, $15

Summary: The Arc/Shell (identical models available from different sources) delivers reasonable fall catching, but comes up short in the rope feeding and


department. The unit’s lock-off is very abrupt, so it binds up too easily when you’re feeding rope and rappelling, which is disconcerting. Also, the tube is very short and its walls are thin, so overheating and durability are major issues.

Pros: Catches well.

Cons: Locks off too easily when feeding rope and rappelling. Overheats quickly. Thin walls.

Overall grade: C+

Advanced Basecamp: (888) 902-5462,www.advancedbasecamp.com

C.A.M.P.: (303) 465-9429,www.camp-usa.com