C.A.M.P. QUARTZ CR3 - 2009 Gear Guide - Climbing Magazine

C.A.M.P. QUARTZ CR3 - 2009 Gear Guide

  • DO THE (NO) TWISTEliminate cross-loading with this nifty invention, a locker-diameter, Hypalon-lined biner-retention hole between two of the loop’s three bar tacks.

  • KINDER, GENTLER WAISTBELTThe Quartz CR3 lets you easily adjust the position of the waistbelt padding and tie-in point, so you can finetune a perfect fit. The belt’s 4mm, super-perforated EVA padding includes a honeycomb-mesh enclosure with three-dimensional structure, to increase airflow and breathability — i.e., no more “soggy-waistbelt syndrome.” The padding also folds over the top of the waistbelt — highly comfortable, especially against bare or sweaty skin.

  • EDGE-LOADEDComfortable edge tape along the leg-loop borders distributes weight (when you’re hanging) or force (when you whip) throughout the loops, which are padded with the same material as the waistbelt.Click here to buy now from MountainGear.com