C.A.M.P. Silver Star Helmet Review

C.A.M.P. Silver Star Helmet Review

C.A.M.P. Silver Star, $72, 1 pound

Summary: The C.A.M.P. Silver Star was a universal test favorite for comfort and adjustability. The suspension is well padded, and treated with an anti-bacterial formula that helps keep down the skank factor. The sliding-track adjustment system has inch and centimeter scales that display the circumference of the current adjustment, so when you switch back and forth from hat to bare head, it’s easy to re-size correctly. The helmet’s headlamp clips are very secure, but still allowed for easy headlamp attachment and removal. The Silver Star’s singular drawback is its removable suspension, which sometimes can be jolted loose. Safety is not compromised as a result, but fit can be.

Pros: Comfortable; easy to adjust; accommodates headlamps well.

Cons: Suspension can loosen.

Overall grade: A


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