Cassin X-Gyro Leash




Leashless tools are great—until you drop one from the fifth pitch of an alpine route (though a guide we know met her husband that way). Cassin’s new tether makes drops inconsequential, and numerous innovations make this tether more versatile than its competitors. For starters, each of the three attachments (harness and two elasticized tethers) swivels independently from a connector at your waist. This minimizes twists and tangles, so you almost forget you’re tethered. The elastic lanyards expand and contract easily so you’re not fighting for reach. You have two options for connecting to your tools: Clip Nano carabiners (included) or girth-hitch a short length of cord to the end of the tool for more security or if it doesn’t have a clip-in hole. Cut or tie the cords out of the way if you want to stick with the biners. As with all tethers, the X-Gyro will only hold a few hundred pounds and isn’t designed for resting, anchoring, or holding a fall, but it does provide a touch more security than going truly bare. Available in two lengths (27” to 44”, 36” to 59”) to accommodate normal folks or giants. Opt for the smaller size unless you’re a real beanpole.