Charlet Moser Quark - Ice Tool Review


Charlet Moser’s Quark is an aggressive, proven design that delivered the best performance in our test.

Charlet Moser Quark - Ice Tool Review

Charlet Moser Quark, $225

Summary: The hyper-curved Quark shaft offers a great grip and big clearance, and was the favorite at Quebec’s raucous Festiglace

ice climbing

festival. The steeply drooped pick penetrates and hooks like a dream, and the Quark swings well once you develop a good wrist flick. On the downside, the detachable leash takes some practice to become proficient with, using the hammerhead requires choking up on the tool, and the wrist leash could cinch down better. Despite these minor shortcomings, this is one sweet tool.

Pros: Ergonomic grip. Pick penetrates and hooks well.

Cons: Leash system requires practice.

Overall grade: A

Charlet Moser/Petzl: (801) 926-1500,