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Climbing Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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Need a gift for that special climber in your life? We’re running new product recommendations every weekday until the holidays.

November 13

Westmount Wine Holiday Gift Pack

Westmount Wine Rock Climbing Smith Rock Access Fund Oregon

Support the Access Fund and Protect Our Winters by drinking wine. That’s a win-win. Read full review.

November 14

Sponsored: Peter W. Gilroy Jewelry

Peter Gilroy Rings Jewelry Rock Climbing Art Metal

For that special climbing and adventure partner, unique rings and jewelry inspired by the mountains we love and the rocks we climb. Handmade in Taos, NM. Read more.

November 15

Varier Move

Varier Move Sit Chair Stool

Encourage good posture even while stuck at your desk daydreaming with this “standing stool.” Read full review.

November 16

Sponsored: Lifestraw Universal


Turn your favorite water bottle into a powerful water filter, removing bacteria and protozoa. Read more.

November 17

Patagonia Cragsmith Pack

PAtagonia Cragsmith backpack 35L Rock Climbing

The Patagonia Cragsmith is easy to load up with gear and makes gear easy to find later. Read full review.

November 20

Sponsored: Native Eyewear Braiden

Native Eyewear Braiden Sunglasses Rock Climbing Outdoor

The Braiden is versatile enough to hit the trails but was fashioned with the après in mind. Read more.

November 21

The Climbers, By Jim Herrington (Book)


The Climbers is an iconic book that makes a perfect gift for anyone who cares or wants to learn more about our collective history. Read full review.

November 22

Sponsored: Alpine Start Instant Coffee

Alpine Start Coffee Rock Climbing

Each box contains 8 single serve packages poised to deliver a rich cup of coffee at its peak, anytime, anywhere. Read more.

November 24

Black Diamond Stance Belay Insulated Pants

Black Diamond Stance Insulated Belay Pants Climbing

The Black Diamond Stance Belay Insulated pants offer a warm layer of coverage for any climbing situation. Read full review.

November 27

Sponsored: sToKed Stuffed Waxey Chalk Bag

Stoked Climbing Stuffed Waxy Chalkbag Bouldering Gift

The handmade “Waxey” chalk bag comes stuffed with climbing essentials. Read more.

November 28

Climbing Addicts Colored Chalks

Climbing Addicts Rock Chalk Yosemite Wall Street

Chalk is one of our most visible impacts, but you can leave no trace with these stone-colored options from Climbing Addicts. Read full review.

November 29

Sponsored: Mystery Ranch SCREE Backpack

Mystery Ranch Scree Backpack Rock Climbing Gear

One pack = 10 uses. From ambitious day trips to austere overnighters, the SCREE has you covered. Read more.

November 30

Sponsored: Prohands Hand Exercisers

prohands gripmaster finger trainer

Used by world-class climbers, the PRO and GRIPMASTER challenge each finger separately for outstanding hand, wrist and forearm strength. Read more.

December 1

Sponsored: Armaid® Forearm Massager

Armaid Basic forearm massager rock climbing

Address arm issues and treat pesky areas in your thumb and wrist, available BOGO 50% OFF for a limited time. Read more.

December 4

Sponsored: Pure Grit Chalk Bags

Pure Grit Climbing Chalk Bag Bouldering Rock

Pure Grit Climbing bags are packed with personality. Choose from a diverse, ready-to-ship selection or have a one-of-a-kind bag custom made. Read more.

December 5

Defunkify Active Spray and Active Wash

defunkify active wash spray rock climbing smell

Breathe new life into old gear while saving your and your partners’ olfactory organs. Read full review.

December 6

Sponsored: FrictionLabs Chalk


This year, give the gift that keeps on sending! Read more.

December 7

Coalatree Kachula Adventure Blanket


The kachula is the swiss army knife of blankets. Read full review.

December 8

Sponsored: Tension Climbing Grindstone Pro Hangboard

Tension Hangboards Grindstone Pro Rock Climbing

The Grindstone Pro Hangboard. Send your project. Read more.

December 11

Sponsored: Kahtoola MICROspikes® Footwear Traction


Lighter and tougher, MICROspikes® deliver unrivaled traction on icy winter trails. Read more.

December 12

Jerry Moffatt’s Mastermind (Book)


Jerry Moffatt’s 285-page book provides insight into a climber’s most powerful muscle: their brain. Read full review.

December 13

Sponsored: Schrade® SCHSH1 Telescoping Folding Shovel

Schrade Telescoping Folding Shovel

With sharpened edges and a folding, telescoping design that’s virtually indestructible when engaged, you’re equipped to rely on you. Read more.

December 14

Send Climbing 4X6 Skinny Pad

Send Climbing 4x6 Skinny Pad Bouldering

This thin pad that can close gaps between larger pads, drape easily over irregular boulders, or hang on slanting rocks. Read full review.

December 15

Sponsored: Splitter Designs

Splitter Designs Rock Climbing Peter Gilroy Hat Bottle Opener

Mountain and rock climbing inspired hats, belts, jewelry, and more. Rugged and artistic design made from titanium and sterling silver at an affordable price. Read more.

December 18

Sponsored: Native Eyewear Sightcaster Sunglasses

Native Eyewear Sightcaster Sunglasses Rock Climbing

Color enhanced high definition optics cut through glare on the water or the trail allowing you to see deeper and ride further. Read more.

December 19

Camry Digital Grip Strength Dynamometer


Test your grip strength with this dynamometer to guide your training, or bust it out at parties to save your fragile door frame. Read full review.

December 20

Sponsored: LifeStraw Flex


A versatile 5-in-1, 2-stage water filter that reduces lead and chemicals and removes bacteria and protozoa. Read more.

December 21

Dave MacLeod’s Make or Break (Book)

MAke or break book dave macleod

Take charge of your athletic health with this well-researched overview of climbing injuries based on the latest sports science studies. Read full review.

December 21

Sponsored: Lumina Health Cellfood


Cellfood, the world’s No. 1 nutrient + oxygen supplement, has been helping climbers be at their best at high altitudes for almost fifty years. Read more.