Climbing Holiday Gift Guide: Awesome Woodys Cliff Board

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Need a gift for that special climber in your life? This month we're running new product recommendations every weekday until the holidays. Check out the rest of the list.

The Cliff Board features holds on both sides.

The Cliff Board features holds on both sides.

“Now there’s no excuse not to train,” one tester said after using this hangboard in hotels on work trips, at popular California crags, and at home over the holidays. Two sides provide large edges, pockets (1-, 2-, and 3-finger), small edges, and pull-up handles. The hanging system allows for two positions to make it harder or easier, and at about 2 lbs. and 13” by 8”, the board fits in a backpack—great for warming up at the crag. Said a tester: “Bring a biner and sling, and you can hang it anywhere; it’s revolutionized my finger-strength training because I can finally stick to a routine.” 

$150 AUD (about $110 US);