Climbing Holiday Gift Guide: Dave MacLeod's Make or Break (Book)

Injury rehab done right.
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Dave MAcLeod Make or Break Book Rock Climbing Injury

It's not easy to find reliable climbing-injury information. The Internet is full of unverified myths (pushups solve everything!) and many doctors aren't familiar with our sport's unique stresses. Dave MacLeod's book Make or Break: Don't Let Climbing Injuries Dictate Your Success provides a well-researched overview of climbing injuries based on the latest sports science studies. I started climbing at 25, without much athletic background. I've had to take time off for injury nearly every year. Make or Break has allowed me to better understand why that has been the case, how to rehab injuries the right way, and best of all, how to fix the habits that cause me to get injured. For example, the exercises in this book helped me to rehab and then prevent elbow tendonitis when resting for a month, as a doctor suggested, did nothing. The book is not meant to take the place of a doctor—the shoulder chapter begins by explaining that shoulders are so complicated you should see three doctors, assuming that two of them will be wrong—but it is a solid reference for those looking to understand and take charge of their own athletic health.