Climbing Holiday Gift Guide: Defunkify Active Spray and Active Wash

Breathe new life into old gear.

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defunkify active wash spray rock climbing smell
Defunkify Active Spray and Active Wash.

As much as we gear-nerd climbers love picking up the latest, greatest, shoes, cams, ropes, puffies, etc., we are also notoriously hard on our equipment—and sometimes neglectful of post-climbing care. One need only think of that partner who always has his crag pack stashed in his car, where his redpoint shoes are taken off sweaty and left to fester in the close confines of a backpack on a hot summer day. Recognizing this need, Defunkify has come up with an Active Spray for well-loved boots, rock shoes, approach shoes, helmets, harnesses, etc., and an Active Wash you use in your washing machine for stained and/or gamey garments. I used the spray on a once-resoled, three-year-old pair of redpoint shoes; with a light, citrusy smell, it neutralized the stank in seconds and the shoes have since been much more pleasant to be around—the effect has been long-lasting. Meanwhile, the Active Wash got rid of the ring-around-the-collar dirt and grease that had built up on a favorite vest, and is safe to use on pretty much all clothing, technical, non-technical, and DWR-treated apparel included. For breathing new life into old gear while saving your and your partners’ olfactory organs, Defunkify is great. Best of all, both products are free of harsh chemicals: The Spray is a blend of essential oils and enzymes, while the Wash combines plant-based ingredients, minerals, and enzymes.

Spray: $10 for 4 oz, $20 for 32 oz; Wash: $12 for 20 oz, $20 for 40 oz;