Climbing Holiday Gift Guide: Jerry Moffatt’s Mastermind (Book)

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Mastermind Jerry Moffatt Rock Climbing Mental Training Book

Mastermind, by Jerry Moffatt

Jerry Moffatt’s 285-page book Mastermind, a collection of short essays from professional climbers Babsi Zangerl, Adam Ondra, Alex Honnold, and others as well as full page color photos from professional climbing photographers, follows the mental preparation plan of one of the world’s best climbers. Mixing Bruce Lee’s Zen like quotes along with contributions from other climbers and his own experiences dominating the climbing world of the 1980s, Moffatt provides insight into a climber’s most powerful muscle: their brain. This book deserves a space on the shelf for any climber looking to push their game farther.

$30; (U.S. customers), (outside U.S.)