Climbing Holiday Gift Guide: Luminoodle Light Rope

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Winter in the desert. Crispy sending temps, serene vistas, and the perfect time to drink 47 cups of coffee a day. One problem—it gets dark at approximately 3:34 p.m. Lengthen post-climbing chill time and keep everyone from going to bed early with the Luminoodle Light Rope. This LED light strip will light up an entire area, instead of a concentrated spot like a lantern or headlamp. “These lights make it feel like you’re chilling on the sweet patio of a biergarten,” one tester said, “instead of blinding each other with direct headlamp shots to the eyeballs.” The same tester used it to brighten dark corners of her van, saying it added a “festive feel to everyday life,” and another tester lit up the interior of his tent. Ties and magnets make it easy to hang almost anywhere, and the USB-charged power pack has its own light so it can be used as a handheld torch. We liked the 10-foot Luminoodle XL, but it also comes in a shorter five-foot version.

$20 (5 ft.), $30 (10 ft.);