Climbing Holiday Gift Guide: Matador Camera Base Layer


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A puffy jacket for your camera—sounds silly, right? I thought so, until I opened my trad pack after buying my first professional-quality lens and found that the cap had fallen off. I'd just hiked 30 minutes with the expensive glass smooshed firmly against the scratched metal edges of a double rack. My DSLR hasn't gone anywhere without the protective Matador Camera Base Layer since. Weighing less than three ounces, the Camera Base Layer is a light and fast way to protect your camera during a day outdoors. It fits most DSLRs. A Canon 5D with a 24-70mm lens went in easily. Just drop in the camera lens-first, fold the roll-top closure, and clip it shut. The camera is then encased in a layer of soft down padding. Straps stick out the top, so you can still wear it on your neck. This proved useful while scrambling to get into position for the perfect shot. There's even a rain cover that folds out from the bottom, which was invaluable on snowy backcountry ski days. I don't want to lug 20 lbs of camera gear to the crag in it's own dedicated case. I want to be throw my camera in my climbing pack and take a few shots when I'm not climbing or on belay duty. For that, the Matador Camera Base Layer is the perfect solution.