Climbing Holiday Gift Guide: Rhino Skin Care Products

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A year and a half ago, I sat in the arid Taghia Gorge in Morocco. A few days of climbing on the sharp 400-meter limestone routes had destroyed my skin. Before leaving, I’d been at Smith Rocks where a couple locals provided me with Rhino Repair Skin Solution. Made from natural ingredients, the product promised to maintain healthy skin and help strengthen it. I applied the non-greasy treatment after climbing and noted significantly faster healing, making it possible for me to climb the long, sharp face routes for another week. For climbers with with slippery skin, Rhino also makes Dry (a strong antiperspirant and natural anti-hydral) and Performance (antiperspirant and skin conditioner) Solutions. Not sure what to get? Check out the Holiday Stocking Stuffer Pack which includes repair cream, tip juice, dry spray, and everything else you need to maintain strong climbing skin.

$9 (Repair Cream, 2 oz), $37 (Holiday Stocking Stuffer pack);