Climbing Holiday Gift Guide: Rumpl JerCollins Super Fleece Blanket


Need a gift for that special climber in your life? This month we're running new product recommendations every weekday until the holidays. Check out the rest of the list.


The JerCollins Super Fleece Blanket from Rumpl is a classy way to add a mountain vibe to your linens. This blanket, which features an illustration from everyone's favorite climber-artist Jeremy Collins, is loaded with outdoor tech that makes it at home on your bed or in your tent. A DWR knit top keeps your blanket dry and stain free. An anti-microbial fleece bottom repels smells and is ridiculously snuggly. After one month of continuous use, my girlfriend and I both agree that this is the most comfortable blanket we've ever slept under. It is a cold-weather blanket. It retains plenty of heat for frigid winter nights, but you may want to switch to something lighter when the temps get more tolerable. The illustration is presented tastefully on a narrow band that runs the width of the fabric. It’ll keep your bedroom looking elegant (if, unlike mine, it ever did in the first place). The only downside is how much harder it makes getting out of bed on those cold winter mornings to ski or swing tools. It's just too cozy.

$249 (King), $229 (Queen), $149 (Twin);