Climbing Holiday Gift Guide: The Seven Summits Register Print

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The Seven Summits Register Print.

The chances are slim to none that I’ll ever tag any of the Seven Summits, but as a longtime devotee of mountain narratives, including Dick Bass’ seminal recounting of his quest to tag the peaks, Seven Summits, I can appreciate the romance, mystique, and allure of the pursuit. Wanderwide’s minimalist, elegant, black-and-white Seven Summits Register Print has thus become a welcome addition to my office, one that in bored, distracted, or “dear God I need to think about anything other than writing or editing” moments holds and pleases the eye—and transports me in my imagination to the icy, wind-swept heights atop each of our planet’s seven continents.

The print is made with high-test Cougar Premium 110# Cover paper, with a flat, rich hue that looks classy hung up on the wall. Each summit is seen in a distinctive profile against a black sky, cross-hatched along one half and enclosed in a circle with its name, elevation, continent, country, and—were there still any doubt about locating it—GPS coordinates. The poster also comes with a stamp and ink pad, so that you can fill in a small triangle atop each circle upon completing a peak. Meanwhile, a small log at the base of the poster lets you note your date of ascent and the number of climbers in your party. The poster costs $59 unframed, or $129 with the Minimalist Floating Frame (the one I have—essentially a top and a bottom, of muted grey hardwood with a “driftwood” finish, enclosing the print) or $199 with the Modern Premium Frame.

The Seven Summits Register Print is something unique, a classier version, say, of those T-shirts that let you tick off all of Colorado’s Fourteeners as you summit each one. Wanderwide in fact makes similar posters for other travel/life-list goals, including American’s national parks, all 50 states, the wonders of the world, and, of course, the Fourteeners. It’s a great gift to yourself or that climber or armchair mountaineer you love, whether you or they have any intention of slapping on a down suit, goggles, and double boots, donning a giant pack, and charging toward the top of each continent.

$59 (print only),