Deal of the Week: Save on All Wild Country Gear

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This week is offering 20-percent off all gear from Wild Country. That's right, all gear. Cams? Yes. Stoppers? Yes. Hexes? Belay Devices? Yes. Other stuff? Yes. Wild Country makes a wide assortment of climbing hardware. If you're looking to build your first trad rock with top quality gear or supplement your Indian Creek rack with another eight No. 2s, now is an excellent time to do it.

View the full sale here, or browse some highlights below.

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Friend Cams

$51.96 (20% off, was $89.95)


The Friend was the very first cam to hit the market back in 1977. The design has changed a bit since then—quite a bit—but they're still an excellent centerpiece for any climber's trad rack. The modern version includes a Dyneema sling that extends to resist rope drag and keep the rope out of cracks, hot-forged construction to save weight, and high-friction surfaces ensure grip on the slipperiest stone.

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Zero Friend Cams

$63.96 (20% off, was $79.95)


No, the Zero Friend cams are not for climbers who have zero friends. Zero Friends are for the smallest placements. Wild Country redesigned the latest iteration, tweaking the camming angle to allow for a narrower head. This allows it to fit into shallower placements, thinner cracks, pockets, or even peg scars better than ever before.

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Rock Set 1-10

$75.96 (20% off, was $94.95)


These 10 stoppers have a placement range 7mm to 30mm. It's an excellent starter pack for the new trad climber or a worthy replacement for the more-experienced climber that accidentally dropped the biner holding all of his stoppers six pitches up a wall this past August. 

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Rockcentric Hex on Dyneema


These Dyneema-slung hexes are lighter than cams, and their passive camming design allows them to be placed in a variety of cracks. Wild Country Rockcentrics are tough enough to take an ice-tool beating when you're placing them on a steep alpine wall, and their anodized heads help you pick the right size when it matters.

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Pro-Key Nut Tool + Leash

$14.36 (20% off, was $17.95)


The Pro Key features two excellent innovations. First, the coiled leash clips to your harness making it drop proof for when you need to go hog wild on a welded piece amnd don't want to risk chucking it off the mountain by mistake. Second, a plate on the back of the Pro Key provides a nice wide surface area, making it easier to bash on the thing without hurting yourself—you know, when you need to go hog wild on a welded piece.

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Revo Belay Device

$115.96 (20% off, was $144.95)


The Revo is a unique belay device. The rope runs around a wheel in the middle of the device. When the wheel spins fast enough, like in a fall, centrifugal force causes the device to lock. It excels for redpoint belays, allowing you to pay out slack as fast as your climber needs while providing reliable assisted-locking in a fall.

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Astro Quickdraw 5-Pack

$63.96 (20% off, was $79.95)


This pack contains five of Wild Country's lightest draws for gram-counting climbers. Each carabiner is constructed with a slimming I beam to bring the strength without the weight, and the Tech Wire gates enhance ergonomics for intuitive engagement when you're clipping your rope.

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