Deal of the Week: Save on Car Camping Necessities

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Whether you are a weekend warrior or a van-lifer, existing at the crag requires more than just climbing gear. Here we have compiled some on the highest-rated camping necessities currently on sale at These deals are part of their Semi-Annual Sale, which is still going on for a limited time. 

ALPS Mountaineering Double Wide Sleeping Bag: 20F Synthetic

$148.76 (20% off, was $185.95)


Make your bed on the road infinitely more comfortable by purchasing this double wide sleeping bag. Able to accommodate two people, you and your snuggle partner will keep each other warm. This bag will also provide ample warmth to someone cuddling with their dog. 

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Backcountry All Around 105L Duffel

$97.96-$104.96 (25%-30% off, was $139.95)


This duffle is adventure ready. Its sturdy build includes straps that can be Velcro'd together to work as a handle or separated and worn like a backpack, cinches to keep the load compact, and waterproof material to keep your socks stay dry. This bag is perfect for long adventures overseas or on the road. 

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MSR PocketRocket Stove Kit

$74.89 (25% off, was $99.95)


This kit makes packing your camp cookware easy. Not only does it include a stove, an anodized aluminum pot with a straining lid, two DeepDish bowls, two folding sporks, and two double-wall insulated mugs, but they all pack inside each other like Russion dolls. Just grab the put, which contains everything else, and you're good to go.

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Goal Zero Boulder 30 Solar Panel

$149.99 (25% off, was 199.99)


Upgrade your setup with this portable solar panel, which can power a camper or your "home office," if you work from the road. The Boulder Solar Panel comes in 15 or 30 watt options, however only the larger 30-watt panel is currently on sale. Whatever, that's more

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MSR Zoic Tent: 2-Person 3-Season

$262.39 (25% off, was $349.95)


This tent offers a little extra while maintaining a light weight, making it great for the campground or trips into the backcountry. It has doors and vestibules on each side, which adds storage space and, best of all, makes it so you don't have to climb over your partner when you wake up to pee at 3 a.m.

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Packtowl Personal Towel

$7.46-29.96, price varies by size (up to 30% off)


This travel towel packs down small, dries fast thanks to the microfiber fabric, and does its job for long periods of time without developing an oder.

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Stoic Fireside Lounger Camp Chair

$37.06 (30% off, was $52.95)


What are you interested after a hard day of climbing? Probably lounging, right? By the fire? Well then have we got a chair for you. This comfy camp chair folds out easy so you can get right to lounging. It even has two cupholders so you can use one for the TV remote when you're between couches.

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