DMM Terminator - Crampon Review No 226

DMM Terminator - Crampon Review No 226

DMM Terminator

, $184, 2 pounds 4 ounces

Summary: The Terminator is a virtual chameleon, packaged with parts for adapting to nearly any style of vertical terrain. This includes adjustable (three positions) dual points, centered or offset monopoint, and a special beefy mixed monopoint. The DMM toy box also includes a detachable heel spike. The rigid frame creates a stable, vibration-free platform that packs a lot of penetrating punch for hard ice. In addition, the lightweight frame’s anatomic footprint facilitates very natural movements on vertical mixed or technical ground. The binding is also clean, secure, and intuitive. In short, this is a


you don’t have to think about.

The Terminator’s only shortcomings are not unexpected: if you’ve come here in search of flex for the mountains or long approaches, you’re barking up the wrong tree (in fact you’re barking up a steel girder). Also, the long vertical rails ball-up like a snow magnet — anti-bots are sold separately.

Pros: Great point penetration. Light. Anatomic frame. Myriad of front-point configurations.

Cons: Rigid design is less versatile. Cookie-cutter frame balls up.

Overall grade: A

DMM/Excalibur: (801) 942-8471,