Edelrid Micro Jul and Flycatcher

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$350 (60m), $400 (70m), both include two ropes and belay device;


For an ultralight alpine setup where two ropes are needed for rappels, it would be hard to top this package. The 6.9mm Flycatcher rope—you read that diameter right—is so thin that Edelrid had to invent a new belay device to handle it: the Micro Jul. A pair of 60m Flycatchers weighs just over 9 lbs.—about the same as one 10mm. The Micro Jul, designed for twin or half ropes from 6.9mm to 8mm, is super light (2.1 oz.) and versatile; it gives assisted braking for belaying and will lock off in rappel mode. To pay slack, push your thumb into one end of the oversized keeper wire; for smooth rappels, clip a small carabiner into the “unlocking eye” and pull down on it. The device can also be set up in auto-block mode to belay two seconds off an anchor. Both the Micro Jul and the Mega Jul for larger cords (8.9mm to 10.5mm single ropes) are sold separately ($27/$30).