Edelrid Nineteen G


$12 (biner), $22 (draw); edelridna.com


Tagged as “the lightest carabiner set on the market,” these clippers barely tip the scales at 19.5 grams (about 0.7 oz.) per biner—hence the name. That’s about 20 percent lighter than the sveltest micro-biners out there. Put another way, a rack of 10 Edelrid Nineteen G quickdraws with 10cm Dyneema slings weighs less than a pound. (Using 18cm slings would add only an ounce to your harness.) Our tester loved the weight savings for the long routes and off-trail approaches at Red Rock Canyon in Nevada, and she never fumbled a clip. “The action is snappy and satisfying, especially with 9.8mm and skinnier ropes,” she said. Made from a high-strength aluminum alloy with a proprietary hardening process, these biners meet minimum CEN strength rating at 20kN closed-gate strength and 7kN for open-gate.