Edelrid Orion


$115; edelridna.com


Light weight plus comfort is a tricky balance, but Edelrid got it right with the Orion. “Without a doubt, the most comfortable harness for the weight I’ve worn this year,” said one tester. At only 15.2 ounces, Edelrid’s cleverly designed waistbelt and leg loops mimic the shape of a real waist and legs, and the loops split off into five skinnier belts to distribute weight evenly. Our testers never felt the Orion digging into their bodies to create pressure points and hotspots, even when hangdogging on sport projects. The autodoubled- back buckles make adjustments quick and easy, and the four stiffened gear loops angle forward to eliminate fumbling when unclipping quickdraws. Although we primarily tested and loved the harness for sport climbing, the leg loops had a wide expansion range to accommodate warm layers for year-round outdoor use.