Editors' Choice 2017: La Sportiva Trango Ice Cube GTX

All-Mountain Master


To really run these boots through the wringer, we offered them to an Exum guide in Jackson, Wyoming, for a fall and winter of mixed and ice climbing, and he said they were “better than any other boot I have ever used—Editors’ Choice for sure!” Even in temps down to -6°F in Cody, he never had cold feet, but he lauded their scant weight (26 oz.), likening them to the feel of lightweight approach shoes more than mountain boots. “Even more comfortable than my tried-and-true Ganda Guides.” Weight savings come from the new Vibram One sole, which has excellent climbing features and stickiness at a fraction of the ounces. Ankle articulation was top-notch, allowing for nimble and precise movement when finding monopoint placements, but the overall stiffness of the boot offered tons of support for approaches and standing on toes all day. Our tester also loved the lacing system that put the top laces in the gaiter, accessible by a short zipper, which kept them dry and unfrozen.