Editors' Choice 2017: Metolius Belay Slave Glove

Great Grip
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“My hands-down favorite belay gloves that I give two thumbs-up. They’re durable, ergonomic, comfortable, breathable, and all I had to do was make coffee at home for a week to afford them.”

This is the one piece of gear that you might not think you need, but belay gloves will immediately make you a better, safer belayer thanks to the added hand protection and increased control over the rope. The Metolius Belay Slave is tough with an ergonomic design that offers complete range of motion, and while a lot of belay gloves offer the same performance and usage, the Belay Slave is a third of the price. Made of a synthetic leather, it has lasted one tester more than five months of rigorous use with no signs of wear. “I feel more confident lowering, belaying, and rappelling because I can grab the rope as hard as I want with no fear of rope burn,” one tester said, “not to mention protection from errant cactus spines that have made me almost drop my climber in the past.” Great for gym use, single-pitch climbing, and big multi-pitch days where you’re doing a lot of rope coiling and rappelling, you’ll use the Belay Slave even more than your climbing shoes.

$20; 5 sizes (XS-XL); metoliusclimbing.com