Editors' Choice 2019: Black Diamond C4 Camalots Review

Our top climbing gear picks of 2019
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The new Black Diamond C4 Camalots.

The new Black Diamond C4 Camalots.


Last summer, I had the chance to preview the updated BD C4 Camalots. As I’ve continued using them on all types of rock, I’ve come more and more to appreciate just what great cams they are—streamlined, quick to place, reliable, and notably stable, with minimal walking thanks to the classic double-axle design. The C4s are now 10 percent lighter (thanks to more cutaways in the cam lobes), the triggers are wider for easier pull, the larger cams have stiffer stems and the smaller cams have softer stems, and the cam lobes and slings are brighter and color matched for quick ID. Most notably, Nos. 4–6 have handy Trigger Keeper wires that let you keep the lobes down when the cam isn’t in use—either in your pack or racked on your harness. Then, simply retract the trigger and, boom, the cam opens and is ready to place. For big cams, this is an important advent, keeping them slim and trim and not banging off every obstacle in sight. I’ve been so happy with the new C4s that I even gave a lot of my old rack away, confident that these are what I’ll be using from now on. 

$100-130, blackdiamondequipment.com

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