Editors' Choice 2019: Petzl Nomic Review

Our top climbing gear picks of 2019
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The new Petzl Nomic ice tool.

The new Petzl Nomic ice tool.


The latest iteration of the Nomic improves on a tried-and-true design. The new Nomics come in at the same weight (about 21oz), but by shedding a few grams from the handle, Petzl was able to add their Mini Marteau hammer to the head, plus a stainless-steel spike to the bottom. Other improvements include a wider handle for a more comfortable grip, a glass-filled nylon overmolded upper grip (no more need for tape), pick weights shaped to better slot in cracks, and an insert in the head that prevents wobble in colder temps. The new Nomic excelled on vertical ice, where the included Pur’Ice pick both penetrated deeply and removed easily thanks to the 3mm tapered steel point. The Nomic is ideal for those looking for one tool that can do it all, performing on every angle of ice and capable on rock, though if your focus is hard mixed, the Ergonomic (see our review in our April/May Gear Guide issue) will better meet your needs. 

$300 each, petzl.com

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