Editors' Choice 2019: Rhino Skin Solutions Repair Review

Our top climbing gear picks of 2019
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Rhino Skin Solutions Repair.

Rhino Skin Solutions Repair.


Jug rash, cracked skin, and dry hands always plague me when I return from climbing in the desert. Treating my hands every night after a day of climbing helps my skin recover not only from the rough rock but also from the the desiccating effects of excessive chalk use. Rhino Skin’s Repair lotion does the best job in treating my notoriously callused and dry hands. With a few natural ingredients—menthol, magnesium, salicylic acid, and tea tree oil—my abused hands feel better after every treatment. The non-greasy lotion now sits on my desk at work and next to my bed at night. Applying it on a regular basis has helped my skin recover more quickly and consistently from hard bouldering sessions.

$9-42 (1.7-16oz), rhinoskinsolutions.com

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