Editors' Choice 2020: Black Diamond Camalot Z4 and Z4 Offset Review

Our picks for the best gear of 2020.
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The Black Diamond Camalot Z4 & Z4 Offset cams. 

The Black Diamond Camalot Z4 & Z4 Offset cams. 

With grippy, sandblasted lobes and a narrow head width, the four-lobed Z4s sunk reliably deep in thin fissures and pin scars. But their most epic feature was the new RigidFlex tech, an accordion sheathe that stiffens the stem when retracted to let you bury the unit, but then softens up once placed to reduce walking. Our tester dug the Z4 Offsets for irregular cracks, saying, “I whipped repeatedly on the .3/.4. It took a beating, but showed little wear and was easy to clean. Highly recommend the Offset Z4s for aid and alpine adventures with flaring granite cracks.” MSRP: $70 each (0–.75 or .1/.2–.5/.75)

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