Editors' Choice 2020: Edelrid Boa Eco 9.8mm (70m) Rope Review

Our picks for the best gear of 2020.
The Edelrid Boa Eco 9.8mm (70m) climbing rope.

The Edelrid Boa Eco 9.8mm (70m) climbing rope.

Bluesign-certified and made of up-cycled yarns (yarns left over from the manufacture of other ropes), the Boa Eco points to an exciting new direction: recycled/up-cycled done right, with no “greenwashing” or compromised performance. “The Boa Eco was stretchy enough for a soft catch, but not so much that I was a pissed-off toproper,” said one tester of the rope, which has an impact force of 8kN and weighs 62 g/m (same as the nonrecycled 9.8mm Boa Pro Dry). It’s your standard high-end 9.8mm, though ran smoothly through devices like a skinnier rope. It fed great off the coil, and had a clear middle marker and unique aesthetic (ropes vary due to the yarns) that had testers dubbing it “Stephanie.”MSRP: $185

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