Editors' Choice 2020: Scarpa Booster Review

Our picks for the best gear of 2020.
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The Scarpa Booster climbing shoe. 

The Scarpa Booster climbing shoe. 

When the Booster first came out in 2007, its fierce torque plus balletic precision made it a redpointing beast. The Booster got a big makeover for 2020 with Scarpa’s new PAF heel, which splits the tension rand behind your Achilles, letting you downsize for max precision. (I dropped 1 size from the Booster S.) The resulting “bite” on micros is peerless, and the new heel is a soft, suctiony dream. The Booster has a Flexan midsole and 3.5mm XS Grip 2 outsole, and uses the same Alcantara toebox material as the Furia Air, conforming to this key pressure point over time. MSRP: $189

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