Editors' Choice Classic: Mountain Project Phone App

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The most powerful beta database ever

It weighs nothing. It can be zapped to your phone in seconds and viewed offline. It’s stuffed with beta for more than 113,000 sport routes, boulder problems, trad, ice, and mixed climbs, complete with photos, current conditions, access, and approach details. And it’s free. Not so long ago, the very idea would have been laughable. The Mountain Project App transformed the climbing-guidebook world when it launched for iPhone in 2011 and then Android in 2012. The constantly growing database started as an online resource for the climbing around Boulder, Colorado, and quickly grew to include climbing areas across the country and world. Reader-contributed comments and photos offered unique beta, forums connected our tribe from Maine to Alaska, and the site quickly grew to be the one-stop shop for all things climbing. 

That was all well and good when sitting at home or in a coffee shop, but the moment you headed out to climb, all that beautiful data became useless. The app solved that by allowing you to download the info you need when you do have service, and then it lives on your phone so you can access it when you don’t. Pure genius. Route descriptions, rack info, photos, approach and descent beta, and even reader comments are all included. The app was free when it launched, but as the user base grew, Mountain Project started charging a small $5/year subscription fee. With the recent sponsorship by Black Diamond, the app is free again, and you can download specific areas as you go, deleting others if necessary so you don’t eat up your phone’s memory. 

Free; mountainproject.com

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