Editors' Choice Classic: Organic Full Pad Crash Pad

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Organic Full Crash Pad Bouldering Gear

The only crashpad you’ll ever need

In 2003, sponsored climber Josh Helke and his wife, Liz, were climbing full-time in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. When their favorite gear companies started to outsource production outside the U.S., they noticed a huge drop in quality, especially with the amount of daily abuse they were putting on their pads. With zero sewing experience, Helke started constructing pads in a spare room in their rental house in Laramie, Wyoming, and after a few gear awards from various climbing publications (including Climbing), the orders were coming in faster than the small team could fill. 

For seven years, climbers have loved the high quality, durability, and performance of the Organic Full Pad: “It has become the pad by which all other pads are measured.” The 36” x 48” landing zone offers a sizeable coverage area, and the four inches of foam spreads and cushions the impact in a perfect balance. With a comfortable hipbelt and shoulder straps, it’s easy to carry, even on steep approaches to the best alpine areas, and simple hook-and-loop buckles make packing and unpacking a breeze. Color and design customization is a much-loved option, ranging from just picking out the colors to you-create-it graphics. “Every boulderer I know swears by their Organic mats,” one fan said. “Many of them wouldn’t even think of buying—or landing on—anything else.”


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