Escape Climbing Power Balls




Pull-ups are the standard climber’s exercise, but a plain, straight bar doesn’t do much to simulate a real climbing situation. Add the Power Balls to your training regimen, and those 40 boring pull-ups might turn into four targeted and climbing-specific workouts. We tested them as a supplement to regular hangboard training, and found great results for lock-offs, slopers, pinches, open-handed exercises, and core workouts. “The repetition needed to really work my forearms usually ends up hurting my fingers, wrists, or elbows, but the rotating movement of these is really friendly to all my joints. And I only need a few goes before my forearms are so pumped I can’t lift my water bottle,” one female tester said. With a slight shift in the urethane mixture of the original Power Balls, this version is even friendlier on the skin: “Super-fantastic grip without being hard on my hands.”