Evolv Predator Rock Shoe Review

Evolv 2005 Rock Shoe Review

Evolv Predator, $115

Overall grade:


Target climbs:

Overhanging to radically overhanging



sport climbing

calling for precise footwork.


Medium asymmetric; medium width and volume throughout; downturned toe


Devotees of radically steep bouldering and sport climbing fall into two categories: those who like to smear and paste on whatever feature is nearby, and those whose technique involves precise edging and frontpointing. The Predator, Evolv’s high-end, microfiber-lined synthetic Velcro slipper is a shoe for the latter. When it comes to testpieces where it’s fancy footwork or fly, the Predator’s downturned toe delivers bull’s-eye precision. The shoe also feels very light, which contributes to its sense of agility. “It felt ultra-trim and very sensitive,” said one tester, who loved it for Hueco desperates.

A few testers noted that the Agro could use a bit more rubber for toe and heel hooking. Evolve offers this as a custom option. “If you’re a climber who loves extra rubber on top of the toe for toe-hooking and toe-scumming, we can easily add a super toe rand for you,” notes Evolv’s Brian Chung. The company also offers the option to pair up individual shoes of different sizes.

Evolv: 714.891.0555, www.evolvesports.com

Evolv 2005 Rock Shoe Review

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