Exped Sparrow - Sleeping Bag Review

Exped Sparrow - Sleeping Bag Review

Exped Sparrow $209, 1lb 10oz, 36F

Summary: The Exped Sparrow, which features a full wrap-around zipper that allows the bag to be turned into a blanket, was the least expensive and most versatile model tested. Members of the hardcore ultralight crowd can share one bag as a quilt. And despite the extra zip length, the Sparrow is still reasonably light, thanks in part to the Pertex Quantum fabric used for the outer shell. The Sparrow was the widest bag tested and features a built-in stuff sack sewn onto the bag’s inside that doubled as a pocket for a watch or contact lenses. The Sparrow did suffer from the absence of hood baffles, had closed side baffles and the zipper had a bad habit of snagging on the bag’s lining.

Pros: Inexpensive; roomiest shoulders; versatile wrap-around zipper

Cons: Lacks hood baffles; closed side baffles, zipper snagged

Overall grade: B

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