Field Tested: Chafe-Pro STREP Edge Protection


Products designed to protect your ropes from sharp edges and features, in a variety of situations.


Built to last


Some models get pricey

Our Thoughts

Stellar, overbuilt (bomber) item that stands out from the rest.

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A rope protector can come in handy in a variety of situations. Perhaps you are slinging a sharp boulder for a top-rope anchor, and you don’t want to worry about slicing the webbing. Perhaps you have kids who like swinging on a rope more than climbing on it, which means the top section of your rope is moving horizontally too much, in a bad way across the lip of the cliff. Perhaps you have a fixed line, or are taking a crew out to rappel. 

For all of these purposes, Strep’s Static Rope Edge Protectors are a revelation. A rope protector takes the abuse and keeps your rope, or anchor material, from a core shot, or worse, failure. Strep’s Edge Protectors come in a bunch of shapes, from two-ropes-thin to multiple cords, and you don’t need to feed your rope through. Since the Strep system uses a Velcro opening, you can put them at any point on your rope in seconds. Each end of the protectors have clip in points and some cord to keep them in place; the clip in points are also nice to clip to your harness. They are not bulky and fold down easily in your pack. Overall, Strep’s design is simple and straightforward, and the fabric (a mix of proprietary and ballistic nylons) is bomber. Strep also makes an Edge Mat for when you don’t need to encase the rope. 


Lest you are squeamish about quality, Strep is manufactured in North Carolina and has decades of experience in nautical rope protectors, which means they are used to protecting ropes that tie down yachts. So, yea, their product is already vetted.

Find them here: STREP Edge Protection