Five Ten Aescent




The Aescents have become an integral part of our testers’ Colorado alpine bouldering sessions. “Whether hiking up to the Dali Wall at Area A on Mt. Evans or trudging through feet of snow to brush off a spring project, the Aescents held their own through it all,” said one tester. Reliable and sticky Stealth Mystique rubber adhered to granite and sandstone flawlessly, even after getting wet. Split-grain leather on the upper held up through talus-field scrambles and repelled snow through a 100-yard posthole session. Synthetic mesh panels in the uppers aided drying on the wind-chilled hike and provided full support for slogs up to 3.5 miles. They are a bit bulky, and the fit doesn’t dial way down, so you don’t want them on techy approaches where you need precision, but that also lends itself to the skateshoe style that can be worn après climb as well.