Get Swole: The Top 8 Hangboards on the Market Right Now

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The Metolius Prime Rib

The Metolius Prime Rib

By now, most of us are isolated at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, with rock gyms closed or closing, national and state parks closed or closing, and restrictions on non-essential travel in place. Not to mention the whole social-distancing thing, which doesn't work well when we flood the local crags.

Still, as climbers, we hate to lose fitness. With our usual avenues to climbing or getting our gym session in temporarily road-blocked, and with plenty of pent-up energy and angst, what better time than now to install a hangboard at home and start a strength, finger-strength, or power-endurance protocol?

Along those lines, we’ve rounded up eight of the most interesting boards currently on the market, some new for 2020 and some that have been around longer. All you need is a stud finder, a power drill, and bit of free-hanging room over a doorjamb, and off you go—training at home, with one of the most time- and cost-efficient climbing tools ever invented.