Grivel Tech Wing


The Grivel Tech Wing’s flesh-melding, ergonomic grip was a favorite among testers.

Grivel Tech Wing

Grivel Tech Wing, $240

Summary: The Tech Wing has a comfortable, ergonomic grip and pinky shelf. The shaft’s radical curve offers good clearance but adapting your swing takes some practice. The pick is well designed, needing only a tiny tune-up for good dry-tooling performance. The leash is tough to get in and out of, and it cinches tightly on your wrist, which can hamper circulation. Because of the severe curve, it helps to choke up on the tool when using the hammer. This was one of the better performing tools on steep ice and rock.

Pros: Ergonomic grip. Excellent clearance.

Cons: Leash can cut off circulation.

Overall grade: A-

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