Half-Finger Gloves Save Your Hands, So Why Don’t You Have A Pair?

Tough and breathable the Black Diamond Crag Half-Finger climbing glove protects your hands for belaying, rappelling, jugging and route prepping.

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It’s a fair bet that you spend as much time belaying as you do climbing. And while you fuss and prep to be on the rock—you watch your diet, dial in your shoes, wear your magic shirt, trim ounces from your rack and etc.—you do little to nothing to prepare for holding the rope. You look up for hours, carefully feeding rope and reeling it in. Your neck pays a price here. Solution: prism belay glasses. Your hands pay, too. They get gacky, with rope black and grit and then they dry out, crack. By the time it’s your turn on the sharp end your hands are hardly ready. Solution: gloves. Yet traditional gloves can make operating the critical belay device fumbly. Solution: half-finger gloves. These protect most of your mitts, yet leave your last digits bare. Just happens that Black Diamond has the Crag Half-Finger Gloves with leather palms and fingers so you can hold fast belaying and rappelling, and the gloves sport a stretchy and breathable back that save the sweating for on lead. The Crag gloves even have a carabiner hole: Clip them to your harness and take them multi-pitching. Even better, join the Climbing team with an Outside+ membership and you’ll get a $50 credit you can apply at the new Outside Shop.

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