Deal of the Week: Everything You Need for Your Feet

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Is it time to replace those blown out, old sport climbing shoes? Are you finally ready to trade in those New Balances for some actual approach shoes? As winter nears, do your masochistic tendencies beckon you to don mountaineering boots and kick frozen water? This week’s deals feature everything a climber’s feet could need with deals up to 45% off from

Red Chili Sausalito Climbing Shoe

$65.97 (45% off, was $124.95)


Built for comfort and performance, the Sausalito is Red Chili’s take on a multi-pitch trad shoe. The lined leather upper and EVA heel cushion provide the comfort to wear these puppies hour after hour up on the wall, while the supportive midsole lends itself to high performance on cracks, slab, and face climbing.

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La Sportiva Kataki Climbing Shoe

$131.25 (25% off, was $175)


The Kataki is a crossover between La Sportiva’s classic shoes: the Katana and the Otaki, the former being known for its all-day comfort, and the latter being one of the more aggressive shoes on the market. The Kataki is the best of both worlds, with an aggressive downturn to ensure high performance on overhangs, a low profile toe-box for foot jamming, and a comfy moderate asymmetrical build that won’t set your feet on fire by the time you clip the chains on your 40-meter-long sport project.

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Scarpa Vapor Climbing Shoe

$115.46 (30% off, was $174.95)


With the Vapor, Scarpa delivers a comfortable, high-performance bouldering and sport climbing shoe. It has a moderate downturn and stiff midsole for that's perfect for thin, verticke climbs, while the suede and microfiber upper and padded tongue allow you to leave them on between boulder burns or wear them for long routes without killing your feet.

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Evolv Cruzer Psyche Approach Shoe

$63.16 (20% off, was $78.95)


Evolv’s Cruzer Psyche is one of the most recognizable approach shoes on the market—it has stood the test of time for its functionality, durability, and stylish aesthetic. The high-friction sole provides reliable traction for the trail and scrambling to the base of the climb, while the canvas upper is breathable and comfortable. Not to mention that subtle look of the Cruzer Psyche allows you to wear them from the crag back to town for some aprés without screaming: “Look at me! I climb!”

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Evolv Elektra/Defy Climbing Shoes

$62.26 (30% off, was $88.95)


The Elektra (women's) and Defy (men's) are the perfect first pair of shoes for the beginner climber looking to graduate from the gym rentals. It has low asymmetry and a flat profile for comfort, while the sensitive midsole and Trax rubber sole allow for precise edging. You don’t need a highly aggressive shoe when you’re starting out, because you won’t be climbing highly aggressive routes. That’s why the Elektra is a perfect stepping-stone between rentals and a high-performance shoe.

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Scarpa Phantom 6000 Mountaineering Boot

$712.46 (25% off, was $949.95)


This mountain boot was specially designed for climbing 6,000-meter peaks, catered to the fast-and-light alpinist without sacrificing any durability, performance, or comfort. It has a built-in gaiter, a waterproof membrane, carbon fiber insole with EVA insulation, and is compatible with step-in crampons. This boot is a beast that can climb everything from steep ice to rock faces.

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Altra Wahweap Approach Shoe

$54.97 (45% off, was $99.95)


The Wahweap is a great option for a not-so-technical but still-gets-the-job-done approach shoe. Its rubber sole with sipping surface provides all-terrain traction, from loose dirt to wet rock. The 40% hemp uppers ensures a sustainable and long lasting build. And it’s casual look allows you to transition from the trail to town seamlessly.

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Scarpa Charmoz Mountaineering Boot

$227.46 (30% off, was $324.95)


The Charmoz is a three-season mountaineering boot, designed for technical alpine ascents to allow you to move quickly over varied terrain. It has a fully waterproof yet breathable upper, a full rubber rand for protection, and a multi-density midsole to ensure stability and support. While it won’t keep you warm in blizzardy winter conditions, it's light weight, waterproofing, and reliable traction will take you where you need to go the rest of the year.

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