The Firefly: Bail Without Leaving Gear

Start-up company aims to provide climbers a safe way to bail on bolted routes without leaving gear.

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We’ve seen a lot of climbing ideas on crowdfunding websites. Some were simple, like an easier-to-clip carabiner. Some had potential, but haven’t came to fruition like the Whipper climbing activity tracker. Others were downright bad, like the guy who sent us his campaign for a lead-climbing autobelay made by wrapping the rope around a giant fan and using wind resistance to slow a fall (he clearly had no engineering background, his prototype was made of cardboard, and he raised zero dollars).

The Firefly is an interesting new device that promises to let you bail off a bolted route without leaving gear. What do you think: Is this the new must have piece of sport climbing gear? Or would you rather lose a couple bucks leaving a bail biner?