LA SPORTIVA TC PRO - 2009 Gear Guide

  1. NEW-SCHOOL MID TOPSDesigned to cover the malleolus (aka, your ankle bone, oft bloodied in meat-grinder wide cracks), the TC Pro guards against skin abrasion via its lightly padded leather uppers.

  2. PERMANENT POWERIn the midsole, the patented Permanent Power Platform (P3), with 1.1mm Laspoflex, balances edging power with acute feel, perfect for dime-edge marathons. The P3’s rand system starts under the toes and wraps around the foot, maintaining the shoe’s aggressive and powerful downturn.

  3. TOE FRIENDOSOpen-cell foam laminated to the Pacific lining lessens the painful scrunch and bunch that afflicts your toes on long, thin cracks. But fear not — the foam is strategically placed so as not to impede sensitivity.

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