Mammut Realization Harness Shorts




“I went from the office to the gym and back, and then straight into a meeting with no one batting an eye; this is a great-looking pair of shorts that happens to have a really comfortable harness inside,” our tester said. You might feel like you forgot something the first time you tie in, or even a little skeptical about taking a big whipper, but the harness inside the stylish shorts will keep you safe. A breathable mesh, jersey-style inner liner cradles your, uh, personal contents well and fits like a pair of boxer briefs. As a unit, “This shorts-harness combo is the most comfortable I’ve ever felt while climbing.” With two gear loops and a special pocket for your brush, these are best for summer sport climbing and the gym, especially if you do a combination of sport and bouldering. But the key benefit is also the key problem: You do have a harness in your shorts, so you can’t just take your harness off—you have to change your shorts, too.