Mammut RescYou Crevasse Kit




Crevasse rescue skills are a necessary part of glacier travel, and although they seem complicated, the RescYou kit simplifies the setup of these intricate systems. This kit is a powerful pulley system set up in a compact, 14-oz. package that’s easy to keep in your alpine stash. Building a safe anchor is still necessary, but setting up your own 6-to-1 mechanical advantage is already done for you here. Use it to raise a climber or ascend a rope to save yourself by attaching the large carabiner to the anchor or your own harness (respectively), and pulling the large, easy-to-grab handle. Passing stopper knots is also straightforward: Just detach one clamp at a time and move it to the other side of the knot—triggers on both clamps are easy to operate with thick gloves on. Each pull of the cord should move the person up about two feet. While this device doesn’t replace good judgment and solid knowledge of rescue systems for mountaineers and skiers, it could be a godsend to save time and prevent errors during a rescue.