Metolius Contact Board




“This board trumps all other boards,” said our injured tester who has been relegated to hangboardonly training for the past few months. It’s a beast at 32.5” x 11”, and every square inch is utilized with valuable edges and shapes. Two standout features: variable pinch sizes and rounded edges on all ledges and pockets. Multiple pinch sizes mean you can easily train no matter your hand size, and you can dial in the difficulty by choosing whatever width you need. Rounded edges mean you never have to come off because there’s something sharp digging into your digits, and the board supports the safer open-hand crimp position on small holds (instead of the tendon-endangering closed-crimp position). With ergonomic jugs, flat and rounded slopers, variable-depth pockets and edges, and customizable pinches, “This board offers training variety unlike anything else. After two weeks of training with the Contact, I can already feel finger-strength gains.”