MILLET CRISTAL 9.8MM - 2009 Gear Guide

MILLET CRISTAL 9.8MM - 2009 Gear Guide

New for 2009, Millet’s Cristal ( buffs out the popular 9.8mm-diameter category with this addition to the French manufacturer’s cabled-core line (the threads are twisted and assembled, not braided). The Cristal is an excellent all-arounder with an angle toward sport climbing — thick enough to work with all belay devices and withstand a day of crux-bolt whippers, but thin enough to climb light and smooth on long, steep pitches. You’ll easily notice the six-inch black middle marker as it feeds past, while Millet’s Hydrophobic Process offers exceptional sheath and core protection. Plus, if you’ve ever battled an unruly factory coil, you’ll appreciate the rope’s special Anti-Twist Pack.

MILLET CRISTAL 9.8MM - 2009 Gear Guide
  1. CABLED TO THE CORE The Cristal’s cabled-core technology makes for a light cord offering exceptionally soft, lowimpact- force catches.

  2. HYDROPHOBIA Millet’s Hydrophobic Process individually treats each fiber before rope manufacture begins. The result is a water- and abrasion-resistant sheath and core (approximately five percent water retention). Lab tests show that the Hydrophobic treatment holds up well under wear and tear, too.

  3. NO TWIST-O Millet’s unique rope-folding method prevents those maddening twists that can form when you first uncoil a rope — it’s ready to rock right out of the packaging.