Mont Bell Ultra Light Down Hugger #4 - Sleeping Bag Review

Mont Bell Ultra Light Down Hugger #4 - Sleeping Bag Review

Mont Bell Ultra Light Down Hugger #4 $235, 1lb 7oz, 35F

Summary: It’s rare for a sleeping bag design to stand out so prominently that everyone who eyeballs it does a double take. That’s exactly what happened when I pulled out the Mont Bell Ultra Light Down Hugger #4 (now that’s a mouthful). What makes this bag so eye-catching are its stretchy elastic baffles that cinch the bag around you like the peel on a banana. The resulting elimination of dead-air space significantly increases the bag’s warmth-to-weight ratio. The stretch also provides extra comfort because the elastic baffles accommodate almost any sleeping position. I was even able to sit cross-legged with the bag zipped to my chin. Another unique feature is a drawcord at the foot of the bag, which, when pulled tight allows the bag to be shortened. You can also stuff the bag itself into this section if you want to ditch the ultralight compression stuff sack. The Hugger is shelled with Mont Bell’s Ultra-light Ballistic Airlight nylon shell. On the downside, the zipper-guard design is snag prone and the side baffles are closed.

Pros: Elastic baffles provide great comfort

Cons: Zipper snags easily; closed side baffles

Overall grade: B

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